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by Kevin Conwell on January 24, 2024

Daymond John's entrepreneurial journey with FUBU showcases the importance of understanding and connecting with a target audience, leveraging cultural influences, and using creativity to build a brand from the ground up.


Daymond John started FUBU (For Us, By Us) in the early 1990s. The idea for FUBU originated from John's passion for fashion and his desire to create a brand that resonated with the urban hip-hop culture. Here is an overview of how Daymond John started FUBU.

Daymond John recognized a gap in the fashion market, particularly in the urban streetwear segment. He saw that there was a lack of clothing that specifically catered to the African American community and the emerging hip-hop culture.

At the time of founding FUBU, Daymond John had limited financial resources. To overcome this challenge, he and his friends started by sewing and selling tie-top hats, which became their first successful venture.


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You Must be Resourceful and use Bootstrapping


FUBU's early days were marked by a grassroots approach. John and his friends operated out of a small apartment in Queens, New York, and they sewed the FUBU logo onto hockey jerseys and T-shirts themselves.


Promotion through Hip-Hop Culture


FUBU gained visibility by actively participating in and promoting itself within the hip-hop community. Daymond John leveraged his connections in the music industry to get influential artists to wear FUBU clothing, which contributed to the brand's popularity.


Strategic Branding:

FUBU's branding was unique and aimed at empowering the African American community. The "For Us, By Us" slogan and logo resonated with a sense of cultural identity and authenticity, setting FUBU apart from other fashion brands.


Rising Popularity


As FUBU gained traction and popularity within the urban fashion scene, major retailers began to take notice. Daymond John secured a pivotal deal with Korean-American investor and businessman Samsung, allowing FUBU to expand its reach.


Expansion and Success


FUBU expanded its product line beyond clothing to include accessories, footwear, and fragrances. The brand's success continued to grow, making Daymond John a prominent figure in the fashion industry.




FUBU became one of the most successful urban fashion brands of its time, and Daymond John's journey with FUBU is often cited as an inspiring entrepreneurial story.


His ability to identify a niche market, connect with a specific community, and build a successful brand has contributed to his reputation as a business leader.


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