Black History Highlight The Parent 'Hood

by Kevin Conwell on February 03, 2024

As we look back on those glory days, let's keep the laughter alive, remembering the joy and magic that 90s sitcoms brought into our lives.  

The 90s Sitcoms was were black brands and businesses were broken into the main stream and we had direct influence on the culture.




Content From: The Parent 'Hood is an American sitcom television series that aired on The WB from January 18, 1995, to July 25, 1999.

The series starred Robert Townsend and Suzzanne Douglas. 

In the 90's there were more outlets for Blacks to showcase culture and influence products and black spending. African-American businesses need more than “buy black” campaigns Too often they lack the capital, education and connections.

This Month We Are Highlighting Black Business, Culture, Media, and Black Excellence over all in partnership with Black It UP.